About Me

Professional bits

I’m an interaction designer that’s passionate about the health & fitness space, innovation, and helping customers and companies succeed. I’ve worked at some places you know, and I’ve helped make some stuff you’ve probably used. If you’re curious, you can take a look at my résumé or check out my LinkedIn. Most recently, I was at Google for about 5 years, where I helped out across Fitbit, Seed Studio, and Area 120. Before that, I was at places like IDEO, Twitter, Airbnb, and McKinsey Design.

Personal bits

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my amazingly talented wife Jacqueline. I’m a native New Yorker, but California is home. I’m also a pretty active cyclist, and you can connect with me on Strava. I’ve been doing a lot more resistance training these days, but I’m hoping to ride more once the weather gets a touch warmer.

About the site

This site was built using Jekyll. I’m a big fan of keeping things simple and not having to deal with a database of content. Jekyll is also very markdown friendly, which is how I tend to organize my digital life already. Work is managed on Github, and I’m hosting & deploying via AWS Amplify.

All graphics are made with Adobe Photoshop, and everything is designed in Figma. I’m using type from the amazing Grilli Type Foundry, including GT Pressura and exquisite and quirky GT Alpina, which is the typeface this paragraph is set in.