👋︎ Hi, I’m Geoff. I’m a designer, strategist & researcher who believes that great design is fueled by insight. I’ve been working with some of the worlds best product companies and consultancies for over 15 years. I’m most excited about helping teams ship high quality software, and I’m passionate about building consumer health & fitness experiences that improve people’s quality of life. I take a human-centered approach to design, and I believe that curiosity, empathy, and deep collaboration are the foundations of innovation. 🤙︎

Recent Experience

Apollo Neuro • 2023 - present

Apollo is a clinically validated wearable technology that helps improve mental health, reduce stress, and increase resiliency by helping to rebalance the nervous system through stimulation of the Vegus nerve

↪︎ Director of Product Design

Helping design the future of resiliency and stress management.

Google • 2018 - 2023

During my time at Google, I worked in three distinct capacities within the company: as a Cofounder of a AI-powered Fitness startup within Area 120, Google’s in-house incubator; as a Design Strategy leader within Google Hardware, imagining new connected health experiences; and as Principal Designer at Fitbit, helping to ship new consumer apps and devices at scale.

↪︎ Cofounder @ Area 120

Most recently, I was building a fitness startup within Google. My team at Area 120 was driving towards a video-driven resistance training experience powered by AI and Large Language Models (LLM), with the express goal of serving billions of people across the world to help improve health & fitness outcomes. As Cofounder and Design Lead, my primary responsibilities involved helping to steer the development of product strategy and vision across customer experience, emerging technologies, and business requirements.


↪︎ Design Strategy @ Google Hardware

I worked exclusively on health-related programs within two design innovation groups within Google’s Devices & Service Product Area: Fitbit’s RADIUS team, and Seed Studio. RADIUS was a small but potent Design and Product Innovation group within the Fitbit org, while Seed Studio is a international Strategic Design studio. Both groups were housed within Google’s hardware division. My primary role was to lead and co-lead design for novel and sometimes unexpected intersections across various Google hardware products and digital services utilizing human-centered design and futures thinking.


↪︎ Principal Designer @ Fitbit

Fitbit’s mission is to help everyone in the world live a healthier, more active life. As Principal Designer, I led small teams engaged in design and research activities for new hardware and software programs. Our aim was to help improve people’s health through the fundamentals of behavior change. My core responsibilities involved comprehensive design direction, strategy, team leadership, and management. In November of 2019, Fitbit was acquired by Google.


Select Additional Experience

McKinsey Design • 2016 - 2018

As an Associate Design Director, my role was to deliver impact by helping clients grow their business through customer-centricity, insight-powered product design, and capacity building.

HTC • 2014 - 2016

I helped to deliver the Vive Store, both in VR and on the web, Vive Phone Services, and overarching design strategy aimed at improving physical safety while maintaining presence in Virtual Reality.

Airbnb • 2013 - 2014

My time at Airbnb included helping to build systems that put trust and safety at the forefront of both the Host and Guest experience, as well as directly contributing to the strategy, research, design development, and piloting that led directly to the creation of Airbnb Experiences.

Twitter • 2012 - 2013

I helped grow Twitter’s reach through contributing to the development of the Discover product (later renamed to Explore), as well as leading innovation programs, including Recap, with a small team of designers focused on leveraging a human-centered process to develop novel products and services.

IDEO • 2009 - 2012

I helped deliver impact and innovation at IDEO across a wide range of clients and industries, including sectors such as fintech, medical devices, consumer electronics, social services, and beyond. IDEO fundamentally changed my approach to design, illustrating to me the power of an empathetic, insight-led process forming the basis of addressing any complex challenge.



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