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Hi, I’m Geoff. I’m a designer, strategist & researcher based in the sunny San Francisco Bay Area. For over 15 years, I’ve been helping some of the best product companies and consultancies grow & innovate through design.

Currently I’m leading Digital Product Design at Apollo Neuro, a clinically validated approach to helping people manage their resilience, stress less, and sleep more effectively.

Where I've helped

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Area 120 @ Google

From late 2022 to early 2023 I was a Co-founder and intrapreneur of a fitness startup within Google's bottoms-up innovation center Area 120. Here, I had the privilege of working with a small team of brilliant people to help envision ways to improve health outcomes for everyone with novel approaches to resistance training.

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I value new ways of seeing the world. I’m a generalist, but you can think of me as a well rounded T-shaped person. I focus on human-centered interaction design, but go wide across things like behavior change, connected health, cycling, & cinema. I begin any endeavor with near obsessive curiosity, and I can help with most any project through exploration, building, and leadership.


I'm collaboration first. I help conduct qualitative design research, and work effectively with other researchers. I help unlock new perspectives through generative activities such as facilitated brainstorming, low-fidelity protoyping, cross-functional workshopping, and experience mapping.


I create a range of communication tools, including frameworks, journey maps, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, videos, animations, and presentations. I work tightly with engineers to deliver product. I even build user stories, requirements documents, and (sometimes) spreadsheets. I love early-phase testing and piloting.


I value innovation through collaboration and deep partnership, promoting trust through clear communication and high-quality work. I mentor and seek mentorship, lead teams with critiques and design direction, and have extensive experience with stakeholder and executive communications.


"In my time working with Geoffrey at Google and Area 120 he proved to be a truly extraordinary and gifted designer, researcher, strategist, and human being. He expertly bridges the gap between research and product development, fosters meaningful relationships with stakeholders, and consistently designs with empathy and insight to create maximum impact for users. Geoffrey's talent for understanding user research, expert input, market- and organizational dynamics, and more - transforming insights into effective solutions ensured that we built thoughtful and user-centric products that can create or transform a business."

  • Matthijs Schellekens
  • Founder and GM, Area 120

"Geoff is extremely talented, energetic and an expert at the health, wellness, and fitness space. He brings a wide array of tools and experience to design user centered experiences for new and innovative products. He is exceptional at the early stages or programs, leading workshops, planning, user research and synthesis, brainstorming and concept development. I was able to work with Geoff for almost five years and he never let me down. When he joined Area120 he found the perfect fit to startup a new product in the Fitness space. Unfortunately Google shut the entire division and they lost a great person in the process."

  • Jason Short
  • Design Lead, Seed Studio Health @ Google

"Geoff is the one designer that I worked with that made me realize what it means to be a principal-level designer. Not just the years of experience or the impressive teams he’s been a part of, but the intentional way he approached problems, how he led big and ambiguous initiatives and ultimately the way he executed and delivered on those. His work was exceptional, end to end. But the reason I wholeheartedly recommend him is also because he’s such a humble, cool, and thoughtful guy, always ready to help and prioritize others over himself. He's definitely the complete package and any team, large or small, would quickly realise how lucky they are to have him."

  • David Teodorescu
  • Senior Product Designer at Meta

"Geoff is the kind of designer that PMs dream of working with. He strikes a rare balance between forward-looking ideation and tactical delivery. He's always buttoned-up with his deliverables which makes him an ideal member of a shipping engineering team. He exudes passion and creativity throughout all phases of the product lifecycle, keeping the fire burning in the team to deliver a quality product."

  • Scott Dart
  • Sr. Manager, Solutions Architecture - Alexa

"Geoff's intelligence, passion and creative ability make him true design practitioner. With his outstanding communication skills and drive to execute, Geoff is an extremely valuable addition to any team. During our tenure at Kodak Geoff made significant design contributions to key strategic initiatives, major hardware releases, and many other UX touch-points across the consumer product portfolio."

  • Tim Wood
  • Principal Designer & Sr. UX Manager - AWS

"Never has a fellow designer inspired others to execute more fiercely. Geoff Brown tackles design problems with gusto; his energy is contagious and his skills are pure madness."

  • David Bedingfield
  • Principal Designer – Quilt

"Geoff is an exceptional UX designer who is able to not only bring the skills, the craft, and the team mindset necessary to make an engagement successful, he also holds two other qualities which are crucial when applying UX design and thinking in the wild. First, he’s a strategic thinker who is good at looking at a situation or a problem with a critical eye — challenging its boundaries. Second, his client presence is impeccable, all the way from formal presentations to informal guidance."

  • Daniel Fallman
  • Co-Founder, Sirap.io

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