Thanks for taking a look at some of my work. I wish I could share more with you! 🎉 Most of my projects over the past 7 years have been pretty confidential, and I’m unable to put much on display. Below is a brief timeline of the types of programs I’ve either led, co-led, or have been deeply involved in developing. I’ve also selected some past programs as example case studies of how I think, build, & collaborate.

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Project timeline

2022 ↳ 2023

  • Cofounder @ Area 120

  • Building a stealth startup within Google at the intersection of generative AI and resistance training, aiming to deliver positive health outcomes at scale

2021 ↳ 2022

  • Staff Interaction Designer @ Google

  • Led large automotive program aimed at bringing advanced health technologies to EV drivers

  • Co-led massive advanced concepts program for metabolic health initiatives, focused on helping Fitbit customers and the business think differently about interventions for metabolic disfunction

  • Led design research for novel telehealth initiatives leveraging advanced Google hardware products

  • Co-led advanced concepts program, vision-setting the near future of healthy weight management

2018 ↳ 2021

  • Principal Designer @ Fitbit

  • Led massive design and research program across multiple continents for novel hardware products for new cohorts of Fitbit users

  • Led design push for new approaches to Personal Emergency Response systems for older adults leveraging novel technologies

  • Led and oversaw a team of digital designers in shipping the original Fitbit Sense smartwatch

Case studies

The following case studies are meant to illustrate aspects of how I collaborate. While some of the work is trending towards older, I wanted to include it as a illustration of process. In the future, as more work becomes publicly accessible, I’ll add additional sections, but for now, please take a look!

Vive Phone Services


Airbnb Experiences


Twitter Recap


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Photo of Google office building in Manhattan

Area 120 @ Google

Most recently, I was a Co-founder and intrapreneur of a fitness startup within Google's bottoms-up innovation center Area 120. Here, I had the privilege of working with a small team of brilliant people to help envision ways to improve health outcomes for everyone with novel approaches to resistance training.

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Promotional composition of floating Fitbit Sense watches in 3D space

Fitbit Sense

My first project at Fitbit (pre-aquisiton) involved helping lead the design for the original Fitbit Sense. The Sense was Fitbit's most ambitious smartwatch ever, with new ground breaking sensors and thoughtful software experiences. It also got some good reviews.

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Young man taking photo of 3 other young people on a boat during an Airbnb Experience

Airbnb Experiences

My last program at Airbnb involved researching, prototyping, piloting, and leading the early design for what became Airbnb Experirences.

I also wrote about it.

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Sometimes I get asked about the tools I use. Even though I’m pixel pushing less these days, I can still get down with the business. Design is usually visual, after all. Here’s a selection of tools I spend (or have spent) considerable time using.

digital product design
  • figma

  • sketch

image manipulation and drawing
  • adobe photoshop

  • adobe illustrator

  • adobe fresco

video production
  • adobe after effects

  • adobe premiere

  • adobe premiere rush

audio editing
  • adobe encore

  • audacity

digital research platforms
  • dscout


  • vidlet

front-end development
  • html5 and css3

  • git workflows

  • (hacky) javascript