As of August 5th, 2023

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👋 Hey, it’s been a few months

This is an update from my home in the Bay Area of Northern California. It’s basically summertime here now, in the land of perpetually 72° F and sunny weather.

Work update

I’m extremely thrilled to announce that I’m joining the killer team at Apollo Neuro to lead Product Design. Apollo is a wearable device that works through touch therapy to deliver stress relief, aid in recovery, and promote better sleep. I’ve been using the device now for about a week, and I’m already seeing interesting improvements to my heart rate variability. The team is great, and the product seems effective and relevant. I get started right after labor day. I wrote a bit more about joining over on LinkedIn.

For what it’s worth, I’ve also gone ahead and made some minor edits to this site with respect to job hunting and my new role. If you spot any typos, please send me a note!

Lifting plateau and transitioning to Trainer Road

In recent weeks, I feel like my training has been plateauing and I’m looking to improve over the next quarter substantially. My first observation is that I might actually need some more resistance, which might involve purchasing another band from Rogue, finding a 53 lbs kettlebell, or even heading back to the gym if possible.

Additionally, I’ve decided to move away from both Zwift and Wahoo SYSTM. Zwift is fun – there’s no question about it, but I’m finding that I’m simply not taking advantage of service in a meaningful way. Back when I began Zwifting, I was connecting with a lot of friends and colleagues on the service, and doing a fair amount of joint rides. This has substantially fallen off over the course of the last year. I also don’t take advantage of Zwift racing – another key selling point. I can imagine coming back should I find a large group of folks to ride with virtually in the next few months. If you are one of them, drop me a line. SYSTM is going away, too. Considering what I pay for both Zwift and SYSTM, I can transition over to Trainer Road and get a lot more bang for my buck. I don’t need (or want) the video content from Wahoo anymore. Simply give me more variation in my intervals, and track my FTP automatically, please. Calendaring seems to work a lot better (which is something I definitely care about) and the community seems amazing. I’m starting up with Trainer Road at the end of August.

Books I’m reading

I’m working to keep a list of things like this over here.

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